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UFO typologies, 1967

currently wearing all black and listening to Alanis Morissette and it’s actually just middle school all over again

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Benjamin Phillips

Cactus by BenClement_ on Flickr.

it is presumptuous to believe that the world is in need of something like salvation and language is a method of distancing oneself from reality and today it seems that i am Miss Lonelyhearts with no place in the situation of modern suffering and he can’t inhabit the Christ narrative the way he wants to but religious experience is a form of pathology anyway and no morality only medicine our medicalized religion is reductive and misogynist and let’s just say i abrupted into this earth as a glitch in language (a function of the obsolescence of metaphysical vocabulary) and it should not hurt so much to think that Dostoyevsky was a Christian and an existentialist because we might all have escapists living inside our meatcaves because in our metaphors we recognize the connection between our bodies and the cosmos and our metaphors are happy and our experience of them is still pure and she says it ended with absolute purification but i know that i would prefer to think in terms of absolute melody

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Moschino Cheap & Chic Spring 2013.

untitled by Redlich on Flickr.